Lady Gaga Reveals New Roles In Hit Film A Star Is Born

Unless you have been living under a rock the past week, you have probably heard a lot of talk around Lady Gaga’s hit film produced by Bradley Cooper, A Star is Born. Today on Instagram, Lady Gaga revealed new roles as arranger and conductor during the making of A Star Is Born. The video she posted to her Instagram story shows her conducting the orchestra during the recording of the film’s soundtrack. Another video posted has Bradley Cooper revealing that all of the music was recorded live and gives a glimpse into the recording process. Check them out above!

Lady Gaga has long been known to be an original songwriter and producer of her music, but arranging and conducting a live orchestra is an impressive new feat! Billboard announced yesterday that the A Star is Born soundtrack is headed to debut as #1 on the Billboard 200 Albums chart. This means that not only is Lady Gaga’s new role a new step forward, she got it right her first time and is set to make music history once again.

Critically acclaimed, the film pulled an impressive score of 91% on RottenTomatoes and 88 on Metacritic. Some are even saying that the film’s massive success may even lead to the popstar-turned-actress to nab her first Oscar nomination in 2019.

Is there anything Lady Gaga can’t do these days?

Check out the preview above and see our Lady Gaga profile page for more of her stories featuring behind the scenes and promo for A Star Is Born!