This Julie Andrews Cover of Ariana Grande's '7 Rings' Deserves a Grammy

It's no doubt that Ariana Grande's new hit single 7 Rings is a hit, becoming her second Billboard Hot 100 single to hit #1, and her second consecutive #1 single after thank u, next smashed the charts and still remains in the Top 5.

What many of Ariana's fans may or may not be know is that 7 Rings actually samples the song My Favorite Things from the American classic film, The Sound of Music.

Clearly inspired by the song and it's ode to the culturally significant film, actress and singer Julia Aks stepped-in and performed a cover of 7 Rings as Julie Andrews' character, Maria, from The Sound of Music. In this applause-worthy cover, Julia Aks dressed up as Julie Andrews' character and brilliantly sang the lyrics to Ariana's version as if she were Maria from the movie herself.

Take a look at the clip for yourself below! Perhaps this will inspire a 21st century remake of the classic, much like The Great Gatsby. One thing's for sure -- whoever is producing this movie already knows who to cast for Maria!

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